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Alicia has been a regular speaker at industry events and conferences for a decade, confidently and passionately speaking on a range of topics:

  • Entrepreneurship – entrepreneurial thinking, tips for scaling a business, common founder mistakes
  • Team culture – how to create one, how to scale it, how to evolve it over time
  • Product innovation – ideation, customer development, gut vs data, driving change in user behaviours
  • Online publishing industry – trends impacting media companies, innovations in the industry
  • Content monetization – new revenue models and approaches to making money from content
  • Content-to-commerce – how publishers and media companies are using commerce to monetize and gain insights from content
  • Women in tech & leadership – from the perspective of someone who has felt this was anything but a blessing, learn the secrets of feminine power and why Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best role model for female leaders ever

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She is known for her on-stage passion, vulnerability, and realness. Your audience will walk away not only learning something new, but will feel personally affected and moved by her stories and experiences. She shares tales of her own 10-year journey to build a global $50m business, full of challenges and setbacks as well as huge achievements and discoveries. These stories are not only for startup founders and entrepreneurs, but for corporates and organisations eager to bring in entrepreneurial thinking and innovation into their businesses. Contact her for pricing and availability.

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