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I love to savour the world’s beauty, experience its teachings, and survive the inevitable mishaps along the way! From the verdant footpaths of Britain to the ancient ruins of Peru, I’ll share my tales and recommend top tips.

February 2020

I cried (with joy) for you, Argentina (part 1 – Buenos Aires)

February 5th, 2020|

What a country! Who would have thought, 8 months ago when I hired a virtual project manager via Upwork, that I'd end up with a dear friend and an Argentinian adventure. I met Paula online, needing someone to help me with one of my many entrepreneurial experiments I have been running over the past 18 months. She had all the qualifications I was looking for: competent

August 2019

The end of the adventures of Leithy, Lumi and Lancelot

August 16th, 2019|

Just over 3 months ago, I set off on an adventure. I had bought a car (Lancelot) and loaded it with my puppy (Lumi) and quite a lot of other luggage, and drove off. There were many reasons for this journey. Partly to get away from the distractions of London to focus on my next business ideas, partly to experience first-hand the problems driving my business

May 2019

What I’ve been working on: FLOWN

May 25th, 2019|

A week or two after I left Skimlinks, a year ago now, I first encountered this problem: that it's hard to get things done in London sometimes. I mean, its great for networking and selling and having meetings... but it's awful for getting focused work done. Most companies opt for open-plan offices, and more and more companies are moving to the homogenous forced "coolness" of WeWork-type

April 2019

Cruising to Bilbao… or Phase 2 of my Journey

April 19th, 2019|

Fresh with the learnings from my first 10 days in Avallon, I set-off on Phase 2 of my nomadic odyssey. This time, rather than drive to France via the Euro Tunnel, I discovered it was possible to drive onto and catch a 24-hour cruise-ship from Portsmouth to Bilbao in a pet-friendly cabin. This felt like too fabulous an adventure to refuse, so off we set, Lumi

10 days in Avallon: 7 things I learnt

April 19th, 2019|

I had a mission. A bold one. It was to go away to a beautiful rural setting, and find focus and flow so that I could achieve a number of deep work tasks. I intended to learn French. To learn to play the ukelele. To do yoga and meditation every day. To read the literal crate of books I brought with me. To prepare the design

March 2019

Truffle hunting in Marche

March 24th, 2019|

Last weekend, while wearing white jeans, white trainers and a white-ish jumper, you would have found me squatted over rich black soil, burrowing with my bare hands, in the pursuit of black gold. I was on a trip organised by the glorious David Rowan (ex-editor of Wired magazine) called Voyagers, which brought together a group of neuroscientists, activists, product designers, ex-Anonymous hackers, entrepreneurs, behavioural economists, actresses

February 2019

A weekend to plan in Toulouse

February 24th, 2019|

London has been getting me down lately. Admittedly it is February, and I've long had a hate/hate relationship with the month in London. I have a personal saying: one should never make life-changing decisions in February, because you are more than likely over-reacting to the grim weather. However, the weather in London hasn't been that grim this Winter. And I'm about to break my own rule

October 2018

Stream: My favourite annual conference

October 28th, 2018|

For some reason I don't question too hard, I have been lucky enough to be invited to WPP's annual "unconference" Stream for 10 years. For those who haven't experienced an "unconference" before, it is a conference with a structure but no content ahead of time. The content is volunteered and led by the participants, in the form of discussions, workshops, talks, a talent show, a pitch