An energy company I actually get excited about

I was introduced to Bulb.co.uk by the creator of Unfrack.me, who leverages people’s aversion to fracking to encourage a switch to a green energy provider. However, having now made the switch, I am here to say that even if it wasn’t a brilliant way to do a small good thing for the environment, switching to Bulb.co.uk is worth it just for the ease and beauty of the service.

Having had awful experiences with just about every utility company out there, I was avoiding dealing with switching because I suspected it would be difficult and require loads of paperwork and time and calls with unhelpful customer service agents.

I could not have been more wrong. Switching to a sustainable green energy provider was *literally* a few seconds of website usage, on a beautifully designed user interface that was simple and engaging, and I’m now finding it even cheaper than before. Yep – you pay pretty much the same if not less, for a much better service and experience, AND you are saving the world a little.

For fear of sounding overly effusive for a utility company, just humour me and check out the site… it is an exercise in how to do things right, in terms of design, messaging, and purpose.

Oh, and if you use this link, you *and* I both get £50 off. Which is quite wonderful. So please do 🙂 You’ll thank me afterwards, trust me. It is an easy way to do something to make the planet a little less overheated.

Price: Depends on usage
Retailer: Bulb

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