AllSaints backpack

The only bag you’ll ever need

I first saw this bag on the back of a friend who worked for AllSaints. It was love at first sight, and I bought it immediately. I’ve now used this bag pretty much daily for almost two years, and will probably get a second one shortly. It is *that* good.

Why is it that good? Well, I was initially drawn to it because it is actually a very stylish backpack. I had been getting incredible back pain for months due to carrying my laptop in my over-one-shoulder handbag, and my osteopath was scolding me to get a backpack. But they are all either quite masculine or overly cutesy feminine. I couldn’t find something versatile, elegant, hardy, feminine.

And then I found this page. And my life was never the same again.

I no longer get back pain. I happily wear this as a back pack, and it looks good even if I’m wearing a coat or dress. And what makes it so brilliant is that it doubles as an over-one-shoulder handbag, for when you really don’t want to wear a backpack. And the clincher: it is just so cleverly designed… it has a side pocket that is perfectly accessible for phone or wallet or keys, that swings into grasp when you are wearing it as a backpack or as a handbag. It just *works*.

And its very well-made. The leather is hardy and can take a beating. And although one of the straps not comes off now and then, considering how much wear and tear I’ve given it over the years, this feels forgivable.

Trust me, once you go this AllSaints bag, you’ll never wear any other handbag again.

Price: £328
Retailer: All Saints

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