Butterfly Twists

Perfectly portable pumps

When I was young, I used to wear high heels everywhere. I liked how it elevated whatever I was wearing, and made me feel glamorous and appealing. As I’ve gotten older, I still like to wear high heels on occasion, but excessive walking or standing in them leads to me being found sitting on a bar stool slightly moany about the state of my feet.

The answer is to be a bit Working Girl-esque, and walk to one’s destination in comfy shoes, changing into the taller heels just before arrival. However, having a pair of shoes always in your handbag can become cumbersome.

So I was delighted to find these sweet Butterfly Twist ballet pumps, particularly the style in metallic cracked rose gold with a straw braid along the side of the soles. They are surprisingly comfortable, with a cushioned memory foam insole, and soft rubber soles. They feel demure enough to wear with anything and not look silly, but are also elegant enough that even if you wore them with a ball gown it wouldn’t look astray.

They come with a little dustbag, so you can slip them in your handbag easily, and they fold up into a tiny ball so it won’t take up space.

They are a bit on the tight side, but not uncomfortably so. If you are at the higher end of your shoe size, perhaps go up a size.

I’m a fan… they have tons of other styles and colours, but for my purpose – being able to wear them with anything as I’m walking to or from an event – they feel the most suitable.

You can buy them at Amazon for around £30 (lots of different sellers), or direct from Butterfly Twists for £40 (nice to support the little guys sometimes).

Price: £30-40
Retailer: Amazon or Butterfly Twists

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