Book holders

Making reading easier

I prefer reading real books to eBooks. They just *feel* better.

However, the one big advantage eBook Readers have is they are easier to hold and read from while doing something else, like eating or drinking. When I am travelling, I often find myself at a cafe or restaurant on my own, and want to read my book while sipping my coffee or glass of wine, or while cutting my food. I end up trying to hold my book down with a water bottle on one edge and my plate on another edge… but inevitably the book flips closed, sometimes knocking food or liquid over my table. It isn’t elegant.

So I have now made the purchase of two book holders: one for big books and one for small ones.

The small plastic one I can carry with me in my handbag, and is perfect for paperbacks. It is from Gimble for £6.99.

The larger wooden one is very ornately carved, and is useful for larger hard-cover books and cookbooks. It is from Meetyoo for £13.88.

Price: £6.99 and £13.88
Retailer: Amazon

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