Soho Home coupes

The perfect gift

While I am not a fangirl of Soho House, I can’t deny they are good at design and curation. And the products they sell on their Soho Home commerce site are actually really elegant, and make wonderful gifts for your more discerning friends.

These champagne coupes are a particular favourite of mine. I not only own them myself, but have given them as gifts to at least 3 different friends. They feel special, like you are giving someone a real treat that can be used to commemorate important occasions. It’s the kind of thing you rarely buy for yourself, but you are so glad you own.

They aren’t particularly cheap at £64 for two glasses, but they are timeless and elegant, and make you feel really spoiled as you open the packaging.

I found that in buying them for others, I couldn’t deny how much I loved them for myself, so treated myself to a pair that I use whenever I am celebrating something at home. Which is often enough to make them a worthwhile investment in your personal glee.

Price: £64 for a pair
Retailer: Soho Home

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