Its been a long time since we started developing my site… many many months. It is a relatively complex application, and I have the extra challenge of financing it with my own savings, and using a (brilliant) team of developers in Europe, whilst I sit here in Sydney… so its not too terrible that its taken so long. If I had more money to throw at the problem, I could be more demanding and more tough, but the developers are working as hard as they can whilst no doubt also balancing the demands of more profitable projects than mine is at the moment. So this is how it is.

However, I imagine that most other web applications would have launched much earlier, because they are no doubt much less pedantic than I am. It’s always been a fault of mine: sky-high expectations, ridiculously high ideals, and it means I am holding back launching and promoting my site until I am sure that when I do, no one will come to the site and encounter a major bug or design flaw. Luckily my developers are happy to adopt an iterative style of development, so its worked well for us, but it is very hard to keep momentum going when I keep finding faults that I think must be fixed.

So perhaps I should just launch, and be public with it? I find it hard to do because I know the importance of good first impressions in the web 2.0 world, and when I start promoting, I want to do it confidently and extravagently, not timidly and hoping people will look past the obvious flaws.

I think I will launch at the end of this week. We have a couple of big issues left, and I do think the world might forgive the remaining small faults in the short-term.

Eek… so stressful!!