When I chose to step down from being Skimlinks’ CEO 11 months ago, one of my (many) goals was to launch a personal website that would achieve a few things:

  • re-publish the “Birth of a Startup” blog I wrote over 11 years ago when I was first starting Skimlinks in my bedroom in Sydney
  • be a blog for my ongoing start-up and entrepreneurial adventures
  • be a travel blog to inspire or help anyone looking to visit some of the places I’ve been to
  • demonstrate my knowledge (thanks to Skimlinks) of how to monetize content through affiliate marketing, while also writing about the products and services I test out and recommend to my friends and followers
  • be a resource and repository of my speaking, press, and award entries, for those wishing to invite me to speak or consult for them

I probably should have started small and built it up, but I’m not very good at that. Instead, I have chipped away at this for months and months and months.

But today, I say enough. Today I say… HELLO WORLD! Welcome to my Navarland site and blog. There is *so* much content here already, particularly the years worth of blog posts I wrote between 2007-2010 as I was starting Skimlinks. It makes for very entertaining reading, as I sound absurdly naive, and knowing what we all know now about how long it took, and what energy and tenacity it required… well, it acts as potentially both an inspiration and deterrent to budding entrepreneurs, as well as utterly hilarious reading to those who know me well.

So enjoy! I will continue to blog about my ongoing entrepreneurial experiences, lessons, musings, as well as my travels and shopping discoveries. If you want to learn more about me in general, there is a ton of stuff under About Me.

Thank you, and welcome!