What an extraordinary day today has been!

The day began with an 11am beer on a large boat on the harbour. That heralded a fairly interesting start. It swiftly followed with the most surprising activity I have ever partaken in: laser clay pigeon shooting! Imagine proper rifles that have been remodelled on the inside to shoot laser pulses. Then imagine small fluoro disks that were flung out from the boat by a mechanical sling. And then imagine five people at a time shooting this disk with laser rifles from the edge of the boat in the harbour near Taronga Zoo. A scoreboard above us was able to record whether we had each hit the ‘pigeon’, thereby turning it into a competition. It was extraordinary: one second I’m drinking champagne with strawberries on a boat, the next I look like a redneck roo shooter.

And that wasn’t all. After the skeet shooting, we then played a game of golf over the edge of the boat as well. We had to fit a floating flag with a golf ball, while a man in a rubber dingy scooped up the floating balls. Extraordinary! I have to say, I suspected there would be activities on this team day out, but never would I have guessed either activity!

Lunch was a smorgasbord of smoked salmon, prawns and oysters… the wine and champagne flowed… the winter day was hot and idyllic. I could not have asked for a better day.

Except, it was then capped by a perfect night. I went to the Cirque du Soleil show of Varekai, and I am in awe at how they continually manage to exceed expectations. Somehow, those shows always send me off into a reverie of fantasy and painful beauty. I yearn to be a magical creature that can fly and is impossibly wild and lovely. I ache with the glory of the music and the grace and the super-human prowess of it all. Aah, what a night.

And hilariously, I knew half the audience! Well, 6 anyway… turns out Optus was sponsoring the event, and as I do a lot of work with Optus, I recognised loads of people, plus bumped into Tamzin and Vesa (for the second time randomly in a week!). Well, as I always say, coincidences usually are a sign you are on the right path…

So now I stumble into bed, spent after a glorious day. Who would have thought that a day could contain both rifles and trapeze acts? Extraordinary!