Its been a very very long time since I have written in this blog. The last post was such a fitting place to stop, that it felt almost criminal to sully such a poetic ending with a banal next post.

However, much has happened in the last 14 months. My company has gone from a startup that literally *just* survived bankruptcy to a company now that employs 27 people and has thousands of clients all over the world. We have completed two rounds of VC funding in that time, and have gone from being unknowns to being featured in Wired, the Financial Times and TechCrunch many a time. I’ve gone from being a very hands-on product/sales/testing/operations person to having to learn to delegate and now focused on strategy, international business development and leading and motivating a diverse group of people. I find myself more satisfied and excited than I ever have in any professional capacity, but also working harder and more intensely than I would have ever thought healthy.

So, I thought it might be time to resurrect this ol’ blog of mine, and continue to share some of my thoughts, learnings and experiences.