A disaster has befallen Skimbit headquarters. My miso soup at lunch took a sudden tumble over my keyboard, resulting in the instant death of my laptop.

I remained quite calm considering, instantly rushing down to the toilets with my laptop cradled in my arms like an injured child, and sticking it under the hand-dryer in an attempt to evaporate some of the moisture off it. I just hope the heat didn’t cause more damage than it healed.

However, when I tried to turn it back on after the drying process, it remained lifeless and unresponsive. I rang up my male friend who works around the corner, and with the offer of a screwdriver and a roomful of techie men, I rushed over in the hope of salvation.

A half hour later my little laptop lay with its organs ripped out, screws lying like fleshy debris around the table, and me ardently mopping up any moisture I found with a paper napkin. It is now sitting in a coma state in front of a fan, whilst I sit on a spare computer praying and willing it to health.

Did I have a backup? Well, two months ago I did… so it won’t be the end of the world if its lost… and I’m fairly confident I can resurrect the memory and implant it into a new laptop. But it is still a bit of a disaster.

Please – dear readers – send my little laptop some good health vibes, and lets hope it decides to work again despite its bath in miso soup.