Apologies to anyone trying to access Skimbit today. We have been beset by problems with our hosting company (intermittent slowness, frequent unexplained downtimes etc) for some time now. I perhaps stupidly have stayed with them because 1. they are a British startup and I want to support them, 2. they have fantastic account management, and 3. I have changed server providers three times, and really wanted to avoid doing it again if I could.

However, our entire set of servers has been down ALL DAY today, with no sign of it coming back up. Considering we provide services to our clients, this affects not only us, but my customers. I chose to go down the cloud computing route because it seemed to have the answer to all my requirements: easily scalable, cost-effective, and the ability to move to other servers if some go down, thus providing higher uptime.

Apparently, this is not the case. Cost-effective is useless is it means you have no business, lose customers, and destroy faith your customers had in you. And clearly its not able to swap to other servers when things go down. I can sense they are stressed and upset as well, and I can understand things can happen unexpectedly, I am understanding in that regard. But down for a whole day is business destroying, so I wonder what kind of compensation they will provide.