EasyJet Plus

Making air travel a little less shit

I travel a lot. Well, I used to travel a lot, particularly for business, but since leaving Skimlinks, it is a lot less. Nevertheless, once you’ve travelled a lot, you come to appreciate the travel hacks that make dealing with airports and fellow travellers less hideous.

My great discovery was EasyJet Plus membership. It isn’t a lot – £199 per year – but it very quickly becomes profitable. You get free premium seating (including first row, upfront, and extra leg room seats), free speedy boarding, dedicated premium check-in and bag drop desks, free fast track security, and free additional cabin bag (so you aren’t yelled at for having a hand bag AND a small roller bag). All these things make dealing with short-haul flying infinitely less awful, particularly during busy periods like long weekends and Christmas.

And if you do the math, you only need to be flying a few times a year for this to pay for itself. Sitting in the front row of the plane is £25 extra, so just 4 EasyJet return flights a year and it pays for itself, not even taking into account the extra benefits of speed, efficiency, and convenience.

Price: £199 per year
Retailer: EasyJet

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