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Cooking is now a joy

I never really liked cooking. I’ve lived alone for much of my adult life, and it just wasn’t worth cooking elaborate meals for one, especially as I’m out most nights, so I felt guilt-free eating Deliveroo on my few nights at home.

However, a friend recommended Mindful Chef as being a healthy version of those recipe box services like Hello Fresh. It is gluten, dairy, refined carb/sugar free, with all-organic meats, fish and vegetables… which sounds deeply dull at first, but oh my goodness is it *not* dull. I have never eaten meals with such constant variety, such wholesome flavour. And I’ve never enjoyed cooking as much as I have since Mindful Chef came into my life.

I would have 3 one-portion recipes delivered per week, and I found the process of cooking – even for just me – relaxing, easy, rewarding. Meals generally took just 30min to cook, and came out so impressively despite the minimal effort. I felt healthy and virtuous, even bringing in more vegan options into my weekly recipe choice. Who would have thought vegan could be so appealing?!

And its more than just the meals… the end-to-end experience with Mindful Chef is joyful. Their packaging is mostly recyclable, and their delivery men pick up the ice packs and insulation material from the previous week so they can be reused. With every meal you buy, they donate a school meal to a child in poverty (they’ve donated over 500k meals already). And they always include little surprise goodies in each box. Honestly, I am an enormous fan, it is an example of a company you just can’t help but love.

And more importantly, I love cooking now. I’m good at it too now, which clearly comes with practise, and Mindful Chef makes me *want* to cook. Give it a try, I swear you’ll love it, and find yourself raving about them too.

Price: £4-8 per meal
Retailer: Mindful Chef

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