One of the amusing aspects of working in a team where I am the only women, is that when, like a few weeks ago, your company rewards your team with a weekend away in the snow, I have to spend a weekend with 15 very nice, but geeky, men.Luckily, my intense training after 5 years of being best friends with a large group of gay men has prepared me for this challenge, and I am quite used to being the only woman in a room. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I quite enjoy it. Oh, I do love my women, of course, but men are just so much fun. Even geeky ones.

It was a very pleasant weekend, not as wild as one might imagine it could be, but very amusing and relaxing. Lots of lovely meals and beer and board games and funny chats. Lovely.

The skiing was another story. I am not the most graceful creature in the universe, as my nearest and dearest will attest. If there is something to bump into, break, trip over or drop, I’ll do it. So putting me on skiis hurtling down a mountain would not be the kind of thing you readily do, if you cared for me that is. But surprisingly, I did quite well! Of course, I did fall over quite a few times, and my bruises were large and colourful, but I also traversed quite a bit of the mountain, and managed to look vaguely graceful and adept.

I was in a world of pain though on the Monday after we got back. Every muscle in my body was screeching with anger at what they had endured, and even breathing was uncomfortable. But it was nothing a few days of moaning wouldn’t solve. tee hee.