I’m a few days into my London-based post-CEOship. I’ve been phenomenally lucky that these days have coincided with a totally unseasonal heatwave, and I’m currently sitting on my sun-drenched balcony in short shorts and a big hat, listening to the sound of a duck frolicking in the canal water below my balcony. And its mid-April. Insane. But right now, idyllic.

However, I also have my laptop open, and am…. working. Yes, working! Why, considering I have passed the reins to my illustrious new CEO, do I need to work now?

Well, besides continuing to catch up on Skimlinks hand-over work, and doing my job as President (which means continuing to meet with key partners and clients), I have actually been oddly busy. People I’ve met throughout the years have reached out to catch-up, some of tempt me back into work, some to share tales of their own transitions, some just taking advantage of my apparent availability for a nice ol’ catch-up. I’ve also decided that – where possible – I will start catching public transport to meetings rather than rely overly on taxis. I am deeply enjoying this slow travel mentality, and am surprised at how fast it actually often is (yes, yes, I know).

I am finding myself doing admin chores, silly things that I have been meaning to do for ages but always procrastinated over, because there was always something more important to do… well, now there isn’t, and there is a pleasing sense of getting my life in order which is oddly fulfilling.

I’m meeting with my investors and Board members over the years… reminiscing and enjoying the friendship that has developed over many years of striving together. I’m meeting with old colleagues trying to enlist me onto their company’s advisory board. I’m meeting with previous employees eager to show me what they have been achieving over the years. I’m meeting with VCs interested in having me join their ranks. I’m meeting with old clients who are doing interesting strategy consulting work, that I’d like to learn more about. I’m meeting with the charity I’m on the Board of, to help them with their online platform. I’m meeting with fellow entrepreneurs from Australia looking for advice as they fund-raise in London… the list goes on. It is amazing how busy one can be without even trying.

I had this exquisite moment though, yesterday, as I was working on scheduling or the like, in the sun at Shoreditch House. I had friends joining me at 1pm for lunch, and it was 11:30am. The staff at Shoreditch House came to tell me that it was policy to not allow any laptops after midday in that area. I could either go downstairs out of the glorious sunlight, or… god forbid… close my laptop. For a second, I felt a wave of guilt: its midday, I have an hour before my friends arrive, and I can’t use my laptop, what should I do??!! Then it hit me…

Nothing. I could just read a book. Enjoy the warmth on my skin. Enjoy the feeling of not having responsibility. It was… exquisite. I read my book, and enjoyed the day.