Today was my second day of London-based “unemployment”. I use quote marks, because I’m not really sure what to call this state I am in now. I am no longer full-time at Skimlinks, but I do still have work that I do for the company, and do I ever really leave my baby behind? But my days are no longer spent going into an office, working on problems, being a good example, accomplishing tasks, etc. My days are now relatively unburdened. Bereft of the heaviness that comes with responsibility and focus. Open to quiet slow pleasures, rather than my usual rushed franticness. Well, it is at the moment. I am – as I mentioned – only two days into being post-CEO and in London. Let’s see how it goes before I draw immense and assured conclusions, shall I?

But today was just a delightful day (and its only 2:48pm!). It helps that it is one of those rare and blessed days when London truly feels like the best place to live in the world (yes, very rare). Its Spring, the blossoms have finally fought through and are making up for lost time, the sun is glorious and warm and bright, and there is a naughty breeze that makes you feel fiercely alive while you hold your skirt down to avoid a Marilyn Monroe-esque underwear exposure.

And my day has consisted of a few meetings and chores: I was to meet the Skimlinks COO, Jen, for a coffee in the morning, then the dentist for a clean, then a contact my sister wanted me to meet for lunch. However, around those three appointments, I bumped into a flurry of random others. 8 other people that I know from different parts of my life happened to be wherever I was. I spent the day jumping up astonished and greeting people. 8 other people by 1pm today!

It is probably random. It is probably meaningless. But I am prone to bouts of apophenia at the best of times, and 2 days into this new life of mine, I am certainly going to succumb to finding meaning in these unrelated things. Is it the universe telling me I am on my right path? Am I being rewarded for making this hard decision to step down from my darling company and pursue other paths, whatever they may turn out to be? I like to think so… I have come to believe – however wishful this thinking may be – that the universe throws you lots of coincidences when you are on a right path. So I choose to see this meaning, and choose to find comfort and joy in this subtle message from the universe. “You are going to be ok, dear one”, I hear it whisper to me, “This is just the beginning, wait and see what I have in store for you!”.