Well, I finally heard back from the seed capital fund I had requested funding from. I guess unsurprisingly, they declined. Their reasons were that they didn’t have enough evidence of market validation and limited proof that I had the experience to execute on the plan. But of course, come see us later when you are more successful.

I guess its unsurprisingly because the Australian VC market for internet companies isn’t as buoyant or risk-taking as the US market. And, it was the first company I approached, it would have been a stroke of inordinate luck if I had been granted funding on my first attempt.

I’m a little disappointed nonetheless. I was avidly ‘manifesting my reality’, as my highly spiritual best friend calls it, so its a bit of a crash to earth to realise that I was dismissed rather readily.

Oh well… I will remain positive. This firm hardly talked about me and my experience and my passion… what do they know about my ability to execute? They sat with me for only one hour! I’ll show them!

Of course, it also unfortunately means for the forseeable future, I will have no life, and dark circles under my eyes, as I attempt to be copyrighter, tester, designer, project manager, business analyst, financier, CEO, marketer, advertiser, and evangalist to my company, whilst working a full time day-job. Urgh. Exhausted at the thought.