I finally caught up on all my sleep this weekend, so I am ready for the onslaught of the next fortnight. We are in the final stages of development before user testing begins, so its when I need to be more actively involved than I have been to date. This means I have to do what my parents still think is impossible for me to do: kill my social life. My bank account and my day-job clients won’t accept me taking any time more than one day off per week (which I did today, thankfully, and avoided the horrific thunderstorm outside!), so I have no choice but to work 6 hours per night, every night, after 9 hours at work, every night, for the next fortnight. I lie – to keep my sanity, I will allow myself one night off each week, but the rest will be dedicated passionate slavery to my business.

Its so lucky I love it.

But its true, I have actually been turning down social engagements, which is really hard for me to do. I can’t say ‘No’ very easily, particularly when I really want something, so this situation is challenging for me. I’m the queen at procrastination normally, but its my savings on the line here, I really can’t afford to be frivolous.

So barring a sleep-over with my best friend whose boyfriend is out of town, I will be a sitting here in my little flat, chatting with my brilliant developers in Europe, writing Help text, testing code, giving feedback on new designs, etc. I’m sure two weeks of no social life won’t kill me… right?