Damn, I hate to admit it, but Google are good. After struggling for more hours than I will admit, trying to get the Terapad blogging service to look vaguely customised, I heaved a sigh of resignation, and transferred over to Google’s Blogger service. It may not be as professional, but goodness, it is easy.

So finally I get to begin my new blog – Birth of a Start-up. Of course, no one will probably ever read this entry, as by the time people become interested in my musings, this blog will be relegated to the archives, where no one goes deliberately.

Nevertheless, I will take this opportunity, even if it is to the ether, to state my plans for this blog. More detail of my journey to this point will be included in my About me section, but in brief, it will log my learnings, experiences, challenges, and advice as I progress through the process of launching my start-up. The process really began 6 months ago when I began to develop the concept, wrote the specifications, went through one potential business partner after another, sourced a provider, sought capital, and conceived of an interface design… but I am still many months from launching my site, and – I am realistic here – many more months from building a respectable customer base and income stream, and I plan to muse retrospectively (oh joy, I hear you cry), so there will be plenty of juicy titbits of entrepreneurial experience for me to write about, and hopefully, people to want to read about.

Of course, I cannot let on just yet what my business is all about. I intend to tease. I want you hanging on, with bated breath for my every post, eagerly scouring my words to see if I let on any clue as to what I will be launching (hopefully late-March). And if that makes you desperately keen to visit my site once it launches, and become an avid supporter of it out of loyalty to this blog which has inspired and amused you on a daily basis… well, that’s marvellous.