The thing I find the hardest to cope with while trying to start a business and work full-time, is the sleep deprivation. This is made significantly worse is you try to be healthy and exercise, because the only time I can do so is before I go to work. This means waking up at 6am, after working til my eyes collapses from exhaustion the night before.

Why this lunacy! I hear you ask… Because I am stuck in the Catch-22 situation that if I don’t exercise, I feel sluggish and tired, but to exercise means to have less sleep and therefore also be tired. I have now gone for a few months experimenting with the theory that I feel less tired if I get more sleep and less exercise, but I don’t think it has worked – I am hideously tired all the time. So I am now experimenting with my new hypothesis: that pushing through the initial pain of insufficient sleep and throwing myself out the door for a jog will actually increase my energy levels and reduce the amount I need to sleep. I will let you know how it goes… I’m on day 2 of this plan.