Apologies for my scarcity of entries lately. Life has been tough and busy lately. My day job has gotten hugely demanding, and I’m on the verge of launching my business. Life has become all about work at the moment, and my sleep levels, social life and exercise regime have suffered. I keep thinking surely this is only short-term, but the truth is, I cannot see an end in sight: until this business becomes self-funding, I have no choice but to work these crazy hours.

The hardest thing to deal with is lack of human contact outside of work hours. I live alone, which I love most of the time, except when all I do after work is go home and work til late. It can get a little lonesome.

The next hardest thing to deal with is the physical pain. No matter what you do, sitting in front of a computer for 16 hours a day, all week, is going to hurt your body. My back, neck, shoulders, and head are pretty much in a permanent state of anguish. I’d love to see a physiotherapist, but that requires time and money, neither of which I have in abundance at the moment.

So, I just find myself willing to be bestowed strength from my ancestors, hardy Cuban peasants and Spanish labourers, who lived tough lives without complaint. My life can hardly be called tough, comparatively. So I work long hours and my back hurts. I also live in a beautiful city, have a lovely home, and am surrounded by supportive friends and family. When my site becomes successful, all this will have been worthwhile, and even will enhance the value of the story. This is what I have to keep reminding myself!