For the last few days I have been in issue logging mode. Days and days of testing, describing issues, thinking analytically about flow and logic and aesthetics.

Now, my beleaguered developers have an avalanche of issues to deal with (bless them, they are getting through them valiantly), and I can turn my attention to all the writing for the site I have put off til now.

I have to write a Features section, the entire Help guide, and an About us.

I think Features and Help will be relatively easy, as it will still be describing in a relatively logical way what the site does (or should do). But the ‘About us’ is causing me some concern.

Do I write it in first person or in third person? Do I write something factual or something that conveys the tone and idiosyncratic nature of the site? And do I convey the fact that besides my developers in another country, its just me in my living room at the moment?

I’m leaning towards writing something a little silly. My site is relatively utilitarian: its a social site, but its quite practical. So I am inclined to balance the simplicity and forthrightness of the site with something frivolous and self-deprecating in the ‘About us’ section.

But, if its possible a fairy godmother (in the form of a seed capital provider) should come along and read my ‘About us’, surely it would be better if I were conveying Responsibility and Seriousness and Unwavering Certainty and other similar virtues? Or would they giggle to themselves and appreciate the yingyangness of it all? I am hoping the latter.