I have good news and bad news… well, not so much bad, as really challenging.The good news: we have been nominated by Mashable for the Best Social Shopping site. Its great to be nominated by such a prestigious blog for a category we want to redefine.The bad news: being a very new site, we don’t have the traffic or the glamour of other nominated sites, and so we are currently not doing so well in the contest. I’m not terribly perturbed, after all, we are young and still carving our place in this competitive space, and our redesign will make a big difference once we are complete.

Nevertheless, I would love to leave a bit of a mark on this contest… so, please consider voting for little ol’ us!
Just click here……and select Skimbit.

It would be hugely appreciated! There are lots of other very polished social shopping sites, but Skimbit is different in that its a really useful utility that doesn’t force you to be overly social. Instead, it can make you be more efficient with your time and your day-to-day decision-making, catering for those of you (and I think there are a whole lot of you out there) who don’t want to be too social, but just social enough!