It is important when risking so much to find joy in simple things: being able to work when you like (of course, you end up working more than you would otherwise, but still…), being forced to learn restraint (as I have not been able to buy new clothes in longer than I ever have gone without), being glad the weather is so bad because you don’t feel you are missing out on anything when you work long hours… you see where I am going with this.

So in a similar vein, I am excited to say we didn’t do as bad as we could have in the Mashable Social Shopping awards. Considering we are very new, still building up our community, still improving our design and functionality, I didn’t expect to do well in such an established category.

But thanks to everyone that voted, Skimbit has managed to… not come last! I’m quite pleased with that… we still have a long long way to go, but if Skimbit’s current users and my network can push Skimbit up to compete against much more established sites, its a sign of good things to come. Well, that is how I am going to interpret that

However, besides not coming last, there have been several other useful outcomes of this exercise: firstly, it got me in touch with one of my favourite bloggers, Allen from Center Networks who is interested in finding out more about Skimbit. And it also is going to help in my current process of securing Angel funding… as to be TechCrunched and a nominated for top social shopping site of 2007 in my first week of beta launch, is not a bad way to start, is it?

See, it’s useful to find joy in such simple things!