Best handbag ever


AllSaints backpack The only bag you'll ever need I first saw this bag on the back of a friend who worked for AllSaints. It was love at first sight, and I bought it immediately. I've now used this bag pretty much daily for almost two years, and will probably get

Butterfly Twists – perfectly portable pumps


Butterfly Twists Perfectly portable pumps When I was young, I used to wear high heels everywhere. I liked how it elevated whatever I was wearing, and made me feel glamorous and appealing. As I've gotten older, I still like to wear high heels on occasion, but excessive walking or standing

Revlon hair volumiser


Revlon Volumiser Easy fabulous hair I've been a religious straightener of hair for a very long time. After a while, that amount of heat causes damage to one's hair, and I was starting to feel the impact of this. So when I saw the gorgeous bounce and subtle curls of