Last weekend I entered a photo treasure hunt very last minute. It was a global competition called Snap Shot City, where entrants from all over the world downloaded at the same time a list of 24 random expressions, that had to be photographed in 6 hours.

The aim of the game was to find something clever, ironic, and quintessentially representative of your city in your composition. The challenge was you had to upload 8 very 2 hours. Which is quite a challenge.

Now as you all know, I love a good challenge, particularly if it is a type of puzzle. Gets my juices flowing. So this was right up my alley. However, I was a teensy bit distraught when I surveyed the list of topics we had to photograph. They were totally random things like “Treasure everywhere”, “One too many” and “Fighting chance”. And the clock was ticking…

We split up into two teams, so I set off with Damien and Sean, on what was possibly the most beautiful day we had had in Sydney in months. Perfect weather, a black Saab convertible, two of my best friends. And a puzzle. I couldn’t have been happier!

Of course, 90 minutes later when we had not found too much of inspirational, and we had 5 minutes to whizz down Oxford Street, restart Damo’s computer, and upload 5 photos… we started to panic a little (well, I started to panic a little, Sean had a nap on the sofa, and Damien got himself something to eat, but that just describes us normally).

Anyway, as is normal for any tense technical situation, Damien’s laptop chose that moment to decide life was too hard, and it crashed inexplicably. So daunted, we called the other team, confessed we had failed them, and when they didn’t sound awfully bothered, we got back in the car, and drove to Bondi Beach. And got ice-cream. And followed cute boys. As you do.

We managed to get more great photos, and then whipped back to my flat to take what may well win the entire competition.

Because you see, despite our nonchalance (yes, I gave up my competitiveness due to the lure of sun, beach, and the fact our other team members were even more competitive than me, so I left them to it), our team did amazingly well! We got the news today that our team was one of the teams with the most photos in the shortlisted photos! We may well win the competition!!

So here now, are the best photos we took, by theme and the caption we gave them (the ones with asterixis are the ones I took – yes, shameless self-promotions):

Theme: Boys*
Caption: “Do you think those
tits are real?”

Theme: Pleasure Palace*
Caption: “If you don’t buy me that,
I’ll kill myself!”

Theme: Kindness of Strangers

Theme: Red shoes
Caption: In some ways I regret buying them

Theme: Shout it from the rooftops*
Caption: “I love this city!”

Theme: Girls*
Caption: “Goddamn it just help me find my
contact lenses!”

Theme: Treasure everywhere*

Theme: Getting around
Caption: Australians embracing an oil free future, and don’t forget the milk.