Well, its official. Spring has finally arrived, and what a difference it makes to just about everything! There is a bounce to everyone’s step. Everyone looks just that little bit more beautiful. There are scents in the air that do strange things to you. The atmosphere is comfortingly warm, but still excitingly brisk. I had forgotten how much I passionately adore the month of September. I remember in my childhood, all my innocent fantasies about dashing otherworldy adventures were inspired in September, all my youthful stirrings of feelings were sparked by September… then as an adult, it held the promise of things to come. Its funny isn’t it, that the promise of things to come can be better than the realisation of those things… in this case I mean Summer. Summer is festive, but overbearing, and this year is set to be a startler. Nevertheless, the promise of Summer is enough to make loins stir and excitement swirl. Its a glorious time!