6 Jun, 2018

Feasting in Oaxaca

2019-03-10T11:11:35+00:00June 6th, 2018|Sabbatical, Travel|

After kicking off my Sabbatical in Esalen, I then flew down - via Los Angeles - to Oaxaca, Mexico. It would be the start of the Mexican leg of my Sabbatical, and one which - at the outset - I was the least looking forward to. Not to say I wasn't looking forward to

23 May, 2018

Why I love the sea

2019-02-11T20:47:25+00:00May 23rd, 2018|Random musings, Ruminations, Sabbatical|

This post was written in my journal, while sitting on a bench overlooking the Pacific, during a week-long workshop on Offering to the Divine at Esalen (I wrote about the overall experience here). This rumination on the sea is quite beautiful, and probably the only piece of writing I'll share publicly from that week.  I've

23 Apr, 2018

Fun in the sun at FUNconference

2019-02-12T09:09:04+00:00April 23rd, 2018|Travel|

One of the most useful and special aspects of being a Founder - especially in London - is the tight community that has sprung up of other like-minded souls going through the same struggles and euphoric moments that come with being a tech founder.  And one of the special features of our community

2 Apr, 2018

Easter weekend in the country

2019-02-10T20:07:14+00:00April 2nd, 2018|Travel|

There are few things I hate more than a long weekend stuck in London. Especially a long long weekend like Easter. 4 days... it is the perfect length of time to escape somewhere exotic, except for the fact that everyone else is onto the same idea. Flights anywhere there might be sun were eye-wateringly expensive,

7 Jul, 2007

Bavarian Bliss

2019-03-04T14:46:43+00:00July 7th, 2007|Travel|

You will all be pleased to hear - no doubt - that the first few days of my travels have given forth the usual serious of adventures and misadventures. I truly to attract calamity. Or perhaps, its just that I emphasis the calamities in my story-telling... perhaps another person with the same experiences would emphasise

4 Jul, 2007

Making it to the Mountains

2019-03-04T14:49:35+00:00July 4th, 2007|Travel|

One of my little childhood fantasies was to travel in a countryside where I could imagine fairytales being set... towering mountains, stunning lakes, inviting woods with magical elements in them, quaint houses.... and the Bavarian countryside I always knew would fulfill that fantasy, so one of the things I definitely wanted to do when in

3 Jun, 2007

Daisy chains and wild horse rides

2019-03-04T14:42:53+00:00June 3rd, 2007|Travel|

I think I am living all my childhood fairytales and fantasies at the moment. If I let myself humour that belief, it makes for a delicious way of looking at the world. A few weeks ago, my best friend Melli and I went away for the weekend to the Central Coast Hinterland. The darling girl

26 Apr, 2007

An orchard and too much food

2019-03-04T14:34:12+00:00April 26th, 2007|Travel|

My favourite memory from my Easter weekend down at Kangaroo Valley with my boys, was strolling through the orchard at the bottom of the estate, burrowing our noses in rose buds. The chalet we booked for the weekend was spectacular, even making someone as effusive as I normally am stunned into awed silence. It had

28 Aug, 2006

6 people in the bush

2019-03-09T17:29:29+00:00August 28th, 2006|Travel|

What happens when you take 3 gay men, 2 princesses, and a very open-minded guy, out to the bush for the weekend? Well, surprisingly, lots of very sedate fun! Damien, Sean, Broc, Richard, Sunita and me, went this past weekend to Leura in the Blue Mountains. Here in Australia, because we don't have our Christmas during