A welcoming doormat


Made.com doormat Offer a proper welcome A fire recently ravaged my apartment's balcony. Long story. One of the items that got destroyed was my balcony's doormat. It wasn't a particularly special one, to be fair, but it was nice. And its one of those things that is just a pain

Soho Home champagne coupes


Soho Home coupes The perfect gift While I am not a fangirl of Soho House, I can't deny they are good at design and curation. And the products they sell on their Soho Home commerce site are actually really elegant, and make wonderful gifts for your more discerning friends. These

Prepping for puppy


Prepping for puppy Just the good stuff I bought In preparation for adopting Lumi, I bought a ton of supplies. Turns out about half of them were rubbish or unnecessary. So I'll list here the items that turned out to be awesome, in case you are also about to adopt

Mindful Chef – cooking is a joy now!


Mindful Chef Cooking is now a joy I never really liked cooking. I've lived alone for much of my adult life, and it just wasn't worth cooking elaborate meals for one, especially as I'm out most nights, so I felt guilt-free eating Deliveroo on my few nights at home. However,

EasyJet Plus – making budget travel less crap


EasyJet Plus Making air travel a little less shit I travel a lot. Well, I used to travel a lot, particularly for business, but since leaving Skimlinks, it is a lot less. Nevertheless, once you've travelled a lot, you come to appreciate the travel hacks that make dealing with airports